Alex Fung is an aspiring software engineer with a passion in developing quality software.

He spent 4 years in University College London with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. In previous summers, he spent most of his time doing research with UCL's PPLV (Programming Principles, Logic, and Verification Group) on topics ranging from category theory, FSA, Buchi Arithmetic, Expressiveness of Algebraic Group etc.

After discovering the joy of software engineering, he will be spending 1 year in Carnegie Mellon University to do a Masters in Software Engineering.

He has interned at Vectr Ventures as a software engineer. He is currently the technical cofounder of Parentvestment, also the sole developer/UX designer of the app incubated by Cyberport, Hong Kong.

Some of his favorite technologies are:

  • ReScript
  • React
  • Flutter
  • Python/Django
  • Node/Express
  • Docker
  • Next.js

Toy Projects

Pathfinding Visualizer

Study Paxos

Codeforces Clone